Community-Needs Based Scholarships

African American babies have 2-3 times the infant mortality rate of the national average in America, and African American mothers are 3-4 times more likely than white mothers to die of birth complications.  The situation is also grim for Native Americans/Alaska Natives. If anyone from these ethnic and racial groups wants to become a midwife to serve her own people group, Mercy In Action will  help. Women from these groups need support and resources from providers that understand the dynamics of their lives and how these stresses can contribute to poor outcomes in birth. For that reason, Mercy In Action is offering scholarships to African American and American Indian/Alaska Natives who will become midwives to serve their own communities in America. 

Until the shocking disparity in maternity outcomes in America is solved, we will give scholarships to midwife students who qualify for the programs we offer as defined below, within the context of evidence-based solutions (see the chart of neonatal death rates per ethnic/racial populations in America).   We hope that others involved in midwifery education will take our ideas, replicate them and scale them up to whatever will help to eliminate the racial disparity in birth outcomes. 


Grand Challenge Coordinator: Rachel Williams

Grand Challenge Advisor/Retention Coach:  Claudia Booker


College of Midwifery Scholarships

One full Grand Challenge scholarship is available per start-date, and is awarded on a merit basis with the same criteria as used for general admission. This scholarship is granted on a semester by semester basis; the award of this scholarship will be re-evaluated at the end of each semester according to Satisfactory Academic Progress and abiding by our Student Code of Conduct. It is our hope and expectation that each student who begins under the Grand Challenge Scholarship will complete all eight semesters and graduate. Scholarships do not cover the annual fee, nor the cost of books, travel, pre-requisite courses or outside tests, or preceptor fees in the event a preceptor charges fees. Applicants to the Grand Challenge must complete the full college application process, along with submitting the complete scholarship application and a completed written sample of Assignment Module 1.1. The assignment may be accessed by downloading the sample curriculum on the College Overview webpage.

The 2019 Grand Challenge Scholarship has been awarded; please check for 2020 application deadlines in January, 2020.


The Grand Challenge

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