Diploma in International Maternal/Child Health

You do not need a college degree to apply for our diploma, but you do need credentials as a trained and skilled birth worker.

Any Midwife who is Licensed, Registered, or Certified (CPM, CNM, CM, DEM, LM, RM etc) is qualified for the Diploma in International Midwifery & Maternal/Child Health.

If you are Licensed, Registered, or Certified to work with pregnant women, mothers, or babies as an allied birth professional, and hold any of the titles below, the Diploma in International Maternal/Child Health is for you:

Doctor (MD, DO, ND, DC)
Nurse (RN, LPN, ANP, NP, FNP) 
Lactation Consultant (IBCLC, RLC)
Doula (CD)
Childbirth Educator (CCE)
Physicians Assistant (PA) 
Physical Therapist (PT)
Massage Therapist  (CMT, LMP, LMT ) 

Respiratory Therapists (CRT, CRTT) 


Anyone holding a college degree in a health or family related field*

*If you don't see your profession or degree on this list, but think you may qualify, write to us at: Trainings@mercyinaction.com

NOTE: All details of the Diploma in International Maternal/Child Health program are identical to the Diploma in International Midwifery and Maternal/Child Health. See previous webpage for details and Handbook.