In 20 years of practice, this was the BEST workshop/conference I have ever attended. Very well organized, presented clearly and easy to follow, lots of participation, with both personal contributions, and using new devices and tools and hands-on practice drills. Learned lots of new things and changed my thinking on old things. Going through 36 hours of complications is daunting and humbling, but came away with a greater respect for what can happen and preparedness for when it does.

- Vicki Johnson

This workshop taught me so much that began within the first twenty minutes of the class until the very end on the fourth day. We covered all the complications we could think of every morning, and practiced our hands-on skills throughout the day to make sure that we left feeling confident in our abilities to expect those unexpected complications, how to make a solid, safe plan ahead of time, so that we can avoid those deadly delays that we all fear, and handle the complications smoothly for safer, healthier outcomes of mother and baby. We had the opportunity to talk together as midwives, grow together as providers, and laugh/connect together as women. Working together like this alleviates the intensity and scariness of complications. This class has helped prepare me to be a better midwife, to always try and stay "two steps ahead" for all of my clients, and how to put the normal, uninterrupted birth process into better perspective. What a gift! Our clients deserve this for their own well-being and safety, and so do we as midwives. Vicki is an engaging and incredibly knowledgable instructor, who keeps the midwives thinking critically and on their toes. No matter what your experience is, I highly recommend this class! I would like to continue to re-take this workshop every few years to keep my skills and knowledge updated. Again, thank you!!!!!!!!

- Britton Doolittle, CPM

This workshop was such a blessing! Feeling grateful to Vicki for such a great kinesthetic learning experience and inspiration to improve our skills. Also grateful for the opportunity to be with such amazing wise women!!

- Ali Phipps, CNM

This workshop was phenomenal, Vicki......a wonderful week of learning, sharing and growing as students and midwives...the gift of learning new things in new ways.....thank you Mercy in Action and thank you to all the midwives that are dedicated to serving families better....and you filled the entire wall with teachable moments.....amazing!

- LaNette McQuitty

I loved EVERYTHING about the seminar!!! The hands on OSCE really helped give us a chance to put into practice what we learned prior to, and made you feel more comfortable and prepared when dealing with both common and rare complications. Not only has this seminar changed the way I view my care/support as a doula in a positive way it had a huge impact on the type of midwife I will look for when I deliver my little one this coming August:) Thank you sooo much Vicki for sharing your stories, knowledge, encouragement, and tips with us and helping take the stress/fear out of dealing with unexpected situations!!:)

- Sahar Mahdi

Expect the Unexpected was an excellent workshop blending the already acquired knowledge and the new evidence-based insights to solidify and tone the emergency skills that are crucial for midwives to know. As always, Vicki is a wonderful teacher and a joy to spend this quality time with.

- Jo Crawford, CPM

I attended the Expect the Unexpected Workshop in Milwaukee WI on April 5-8, 2016 as part of the Bridging Certificate for NARM credentialed CPM’s. I am not sure I will ever need this, but the workshop was well worth my time. While stressful, it was an excellent review of many situations that involve critical thinking and timely and appropriate responses. Thank you Vicki for coming to WI and thank you Lynette for sponsoring this workshop.

- Pam Rhodes CPM LM

I took this workshop after taking a hiatus from birth for almost a year. It is rare for the midwife who works out of hospital to see complications. When that rare event does come, there is a good chance that the midwife might hesitate if they do not drill regularly or that the complication might be managed in a way that is not as appropriate in an out of hospital setting and I wanted to be ready! Attending this workshop gave me the chance to learn from and review with midwives that have years of experience managing a multitude of complications in the out of hospital setting. Not only does Vicki and her team have extensive out of hospital experience in a setting where complications were more prevalent, but they have thoroughly researched and thought through the best practice approach to handling unexpected events when a hospital is a distance away. After several days drilling drilling drilling with the Mercy in Action team, I feel ready to attend births again! warmly,

- Kathryn Haines, CPM

I have assisted at 4 births since the workshop. I can say hands down, I feel more confident, comfortable, and engaged. The non-shame-low-stress environment for practicing skills built my confidence. I found myself being comfortable anticipating what was needed and confidently supporting the birth even when 2 of the babies had 1 min APGAR of 5 or lower. I am so thankful for your training. You have given me the missing piece of confidence. . . And I feel like I turned a corner in my identity as a midwife. With deepest respect,

- Margie Wallis, CPM

I want to say thank you for the wonderful conference that you put on. It was the most enjoyable conference I have ever been to. I also enjoyed the way that you had the days broken up, this helped avoid the afternoon nods and didn't make the days feel like they dragged on. The information that you provided was clear and concise and relevant to the care we provide...

- Felicity Smith

I would just like to say a BIG thank you for the training "Expect the Unexpected" You challenged me to be better. You challenged me to grow beyond my practice and embrace ALL new best practices. Thank you for excellent training and the hospitality . Can't wait to have you come to Michigan and bring this critical training. God bless you all.

- Jill Roper