I took my first student after five years of midwifery practice, one year ago. I’ve spent the last year fumbling through the preceptor/student/client relationships, figuring it out as I go. It has not been an easy process. Over time I felt like I was reinventing the wheel. Then I found Mercy In Action’s course, Navigating Ethical Student/Preceptor/Client Relationships. Hark! Here at my fingertips was a course designed for birth workers at all skill levels BY midwives and midwifery educators who have been building relationships with students and preceptors for decades. This class gives clear suggestions, ideas, solutions and materials to improve the relationships that have been forged by midwives and apprentices for millennia. Take this class; Your abilities as a preceptor will be stronger. Require your student to take this class; Communication between you will be improved. Do your part to improve maternity care world wide; Train more midwives!

- Mandy Toavs, CPM

Thank you for making this seminar available! It made me so grateful for the respectful apprenticeship I experienced as a student. It also inspired me to be a preceptor who is mindful of what clients and students need while still acknowledging what I need as a midwife and preceptor.

- Manga Penwell, CPM, LM

The course Navigating Ethical Student/Preceptor/Client Relationships was a thought-provoking, information-packed learning session! I especially look forward to implementing the After-Action Review model with my own future students. Thank you for another great online course!

- Kristen Benoit, LM, CPM

I finished this online course the very first day I had access, I was so engrossed in it. I wish it were required viewing for both students and preceptors! It was truly so incredibly helpful, and so much of what you said had me nodding along in agreement. I wish that I had watched it before jumping in to apprenticing, because I feel like it would have helped me to have guidance and set realistic expectations about the relationship. The discussions and resources related to the dynamics of an apprenticeship with multiple students were incredibly helpful, as my preceptors have all had more than one student at a time. Communication is so key in these relationships, and this course sets a great foundation for constructive discussion amongst preceptors and their so good!

- Melek Speros, Student Midwife

Vicki's explanations and examples of the relationship between a preceptor and student were very helpful as I begin this journey into midwifery. Being fairly new to this area, her specific details on attitudes and knowledge, along with the abundance of extra resources and material provided throughout the class, was much needed. The After Action Review is extremely helpful and I look forward to using it!

- Whitney Sanchez, Student Midwife

This course gave me a new perspective and appreciation of the relationships between preceptors, clients, and students. As a student midwife, it gave me a clearer understanding of what is expected of me as a student and how to have a successful apprenticeship. I look forward to being a preceptor one day and being able to apply what I learned from this course then, too.

- Sarah McBride, Student Midwife

I am almost done with the Navigating Precpetor/Student/Client Relationships and it has been so good. Wish you could see the smile on my face when I am listening to you!!! So good!!!!

- Jamie Dellesky, LM, CPM

I am loving your Online Student/Preceptor/Client Relationship course! Thank you!!

- Laurie Zoyiopoulos