Online Navigating Ethical Student/Preceptor/Client Relationships

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This course, Navigating Ethical Student/Preceptor/Client Relationships, will focus on creating and maintaining healthy relationships, working dynamics, and clinical environments for students, preceptor midwives, and the families they serve. This course may be taken by anyone, including student midwives, but is especially helpful for the experienced midwife who wants to pass along her knowledge and skills to the next generation of student midwives.

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CEU: 4 hours

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I. Why the world needs midwives; why it is worth it to train the next generation of midwives

II. What does healthy symbiotic relationship between the major stakeholders in midwifery education look like?

  1. What is healthy for the mother

  2. What is healthy for the preceptor

  3. What is healthy for the student

III. Needs and expectations of all stakeholders

IV. Keeping it safe and ethical for student, preceptor and client

V. Competency based learning

  1. Psychomotor skills

  2. Clinical decision making and communication skills

  3. Knowledge and attitudes required to perform those skills

VI. Activities for learning; activities for assessment

VII. Competency based training

a. Three evidence based theoretical principles

  1. Adult learning theory principles

  2. Apprenticeship theory principles

  3. Ethical healthcare training theory principles

b. Behavior modeling

c. Principles of adult learning

VIII. After action review

  1. Based on military practice adapted to midwifery

  2. For student feedback

  3. For peer review

  4. For reinforcing theory behind clinical practice

IX. Creating and utilizing a student preceptor handbook.